Investment Management

Investment Management ensures that your money is being used efficiently to generate a return.

It is of primary importance that your financial objectives are met, whether you are seeking capital growth, income or a combined approach aiming to provide a balanced return.​

Hedley & Co believe in a flexible approach to investment solutions. We prefer to speak to prospective clients in order to understand their individual requirements.

The Service


Investment Manager

Hedley & Co offer Bespoke Managed Portfolios that are unique to a clients circumstances. Your Investment Manager will tailor your portfolio depending on whether you require Growth, Income or a Balanced return.

We recommend a minimum initial investment of £50,000 as a  requirement for prospective managed clients at Hedley & Co. If you would like to discuss  your options then please call one of our offices.

Your Investment Manager will continually monitor your portfolio and the Market conditions to ensure that your portfolio remains suitable. Your Manager will be available to discuss any investment decisions undertaken.

Investment Management Services

Advisory Managed

Our advisory investment services have been designed for those of our clients who like to be actively involved in decision making.


We provide investment ideas, advice and guidance but the client retains ultimate investment control. We aim to build strong partnerships with our advisory clients, based on active engagement and regular communication.


Our discretionary investment service allows clients to delegate the management of their portfolios to an investment professional.


The investment manager and client agree on a long-term investment strategy, which will reflect the client’s individual investment goals and attitude to risk.


We will then provide a regular review and valuation of the clients portfolio at agreed dates to keep them informed of the progress of their investments.

Private Portfolio Service

This service is a refinement  of Hedley & Co's offered Advisory and Discretionary Managed portfolios through the active and direct involvement of the company's in house strategist, Neil Worsley, who offers a range of investment strategies to tailor a  portfolio to fit a clients objectives.

You can view the performance of Hedley & Co's varying managed portfolios by clicking Read More below.  

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Why Choose Hedley & Co

A Strong Track Record

Hedley & Co aim to create diverse portfolios that take advantage of bull markets while ensuring that, where possible, we limit losses when markets fall.  We also aim to outperform the relevant investment benchmark.

Actively Managed Portfolios

Your Investment Manager will ensure that your portfolio continues to reflect your attitude to risk and investment objectives. Our Investment team will continually implement our Strategists latest views and investment research. 

Years of Private Client Experience

Our investment management services give you access to the expertise of our investment team including, research, portfolio construction and ongoing portfolio management. Our team comprises of more than 100 years investment experience.

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How it works:​

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  • You will be able to ask any questions you have and find out more about investing with Hedley & Co.

Your consultation will be at our cost and there is no obligation to work with us afterwards.

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