As with every client we have at Hedley & Co, our service is built around your charity’s priorities.


Our approach means you do not have to compromise on what you require from your portfolio. 

Your Investment Manager takes the time to understand your charity, the long-term strategy you need your portfolio to support and how you expect us to work with your trustees and management team. We create an individual strategy to match your charity’s income and growth targets, attitude to risk and investment policy.

Relevant Services

Investment Management


Hedley & Co's Investment Managers are able to look across the whole of the market to find the best options for your charity’s objectives. Not all firms give their managers such flexibility; we do and it is an important part of our bespoke advantage. It means your Investment Manager has more opportunity to apply their expertise. 

Many of the charities we work with have a long standing heritage, so naturally we feel a responsibility to make sure you can continue to support those who depend on you.

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