Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service

How Does This Work?

 A liability to inheritance tax can be reduced through investment in a diversified portfolio of companies which qualify for Business Property Relief. Provided these assets are held for at least 2 years, they become exempt from inheritance tax.

Most AIM listed shares qualify for Business Property Relief. Investing in a portfolio of AIM listed shares (securities) can quickly mitigate Inheritance Tax, whilst still allowing access to capital if needed.

The Hedley & Co Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service is designed to provide a means of reducing a potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability whilst enabling a client to retain full control and the ability to realise the portfolio at any time if circumstances change.



The portfolio is managed on a discretionary basis and the investment decisions will be the responsibility of Hedley & Company.

We believe that a commitment to a portfolio such as this is an important investment decision and should not be entered into without fully understanding the risks involved. For this reason we do not accept contributions without discussing your requirements with you first.

Please note, listed shares on the AIM market often incur a high level of investment risk and therefore the IHT portfolio will require a greater risk appetite.

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