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Our team of investment managers have used their combined experience of over 100 years to earn a solid track record for providing bespoke investment solutions for our clients. 


We believe in tailoring our service to suit your needs, and this begins with fully understanding your commitments and objectives for both the short and long term. 

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Why Choose Hedley & Co

A Strong Track Record

Hedley & Co aim to create diverse portfolios that take advantage of bull markets while ensuring that, where possible, we limit losses when markets fall.  We also aim to outperform the relevant investment benchmark.

Actively Managed Portfolios

Your Investment Manager will ensure that your portfolio continues to reflect your attitude to risk and investment objectives. Our Investment team will continually implement our Strategists latest views and investment research. 

Years of Private Client Experience

Our investment management services give you access to the expertise of our investment team including, research, portfolio construction and ongoing portfolio management. Our team comprises of more than 100 years investment experience.

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