Execution Only Trading

If you simply require a swift and efficient dealing service with no advice, we are happy to undertake your instructions using our highly experienced dealing capability.


Execution only dealing is ideal if you are looking to take advantage of our dealers knowledge of markets, liquidity, and a variety of trading platforms whilst maintaining full independence and responsibility for your trades.


Accepting no advice, and only paying commission for the trades done, rather than any management fees which you may deem unnecessary based on your requirements.

Hedley's Bespoke Advantage...




If you think this is the right service for you, or if you just have further questions and wish to discuss our service, please find our contact details available here and call us to see if we can help. 

Does this sound right for you? 

Whilst execution only dealing does not require advice, it still requires a high level of service from our team. We pride ourselves on consistent communications with all our clients to ensure you are getting a service which meets and surpasses your expectations of an execution only dealer.

What you can expect

- A broker on the end of a phone

- A thoughtful and considered approach to dealing, taking into account your ultimate objectives

- Working orders throughout the day

- Use of multiple platforms and trading screens to achieve optimum prices

- No management or advisory charges, whilst still taking advantage of our team's experience.

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