Hedley's Bespoke Advantage...

We believe the key to our success as a firm has been our understanding that no one size fits all approach is the answer to personal wealth management.

Our clients are our number one priority, so we work hard to ensure this is always at the forefront of our dealings.

Not only do we tailor our investment processes to meet clients' requirements, we also tailor our service to ensure communications, dealings, and meetings are at the clients convenience and in a way which works best for the client.

Through this we have built long standing relationships with clients, families, companies, and charities. We will continue to endeavour to go beyond our competitors to ensure our clients know they are our number one priority.

Use Of Derivatives Within Portfolios

Derivatives can be complex instruments which when used appropriately can provide a cost effective way to; hedge against losses in uncertain times or maximise returns in a steady market.

Many of our client's portfolios have been able to benefit from our experience in dealing with and access to exchange traded options.

Derivatives are categorically higher risk and can be complicated for investors to understand. Therefore we only use them in portfolios which satisfy our internal and regulatory requirements.

This type of financial instrument can be incorporated in either discretionary managed portfolios or advisory managed portfolios. 

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