Pension Schemes & Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients


Firms often have different motivations for investing in the capital markets, whether it is to find a way to maximise their potential returns from cash on their balance sheet, or for other more complex objectives. Whatever it is we are always willing to discuss the possibilities.

Alternatively, Hedley & Co offer the facility for smaller companies to set up Pension Schemes for specific employees or company directors.

Small Self Administered Pension Schemes

A Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) is a workplace pension scheme where the member's are often the company directors and key senior employees. Typically, the company tends to be that of a limited smaller private company, while the SSAS composition tends to be trust based.


The scheme member's and employer generally have more control over the scheme's investments than with other similar pension schemes. In most cases the participants act as the Trustees to the scheme which places the investment responsibility on the scheme members. Contributions can therefore be made by the members or the employer, with varying tax reliefs available subject to the members personal circumstances.

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Hedley & Co offer both managed and share dealing services for Corporate Clients and Pension funds, if you feel either would be appropriate then please contact us to discuss your options.

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