Who We Work For

The bespoke nature of our firm is our greatest advantage. 

When it comes to who we can assist, we do not limit it, and instead encourage an open conversation to see where we can help. Where our services are not appropriate we will always give our honest advice, and we can often find a solution to your investment problem or satisfy your investment objectives.

Our bespoke advantage allows us to work with many different structures and types of accounts. If it requires access to capital markets, expertise, or experience we can usually help.


Firms often have different motivations for investing in the capital markets, whether it is to find a way to maximise their potential returns from cash on their balance sheet, or for other reasons and objectives, whatever it is will are always willing to discuss the possibilities


Hedley & Co have built long standing relationship with clients, their families and their trusts. We are highly experienced in manging and nurturing the investment portfolios of trusts.

We believe it is vital for every investment portfolio to prioritise the objectives of its owner, and there is no exception when it comes to trusts. Our investment managers will ensure the owners wishes and the trust deed are obeyed at all times, whilst consistently ensuring the benefactors are protected.


As with every client we have at Hedley & Co, our service is built around your charity’s individual priorities.


Our approach means you do not have to compromise on what you want from your portfolio, be it from results or from an ethical stand point. Your investment manager takes the time to understand your charity, the long-term strategy you want your portfolio to support and how you want us to work with your trustees and management team. We create an individual strategy to match your charity’s income and growth targets, attitude to risk and investment policy.

Hedley & Co's investment managers are able to look across the whole of the market to find the best options for your charity’s goals. Not all firms give their managers such flexibility: we do and it is an important part of our bespoke advantage. It means your investment manager has more opportunity to apply his or her expertise. 

Many of the charities we work with have long histories so naturally we feel a responsibility to make sure you can continue to support those who depend on you.


Investing in a Self Invested Personal Pension allows you to choose and manage your own investments with the benefit of tax efficient savings. You can use a SIPP provider of your choice as the investments must be held within a SIPP wrapper however; you would be able to make the investment decisions directly with ourselves.

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